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Donations raised support Comic Relief US safety programs.

Since 2015, Comic Relief US has provided $51M towards safety programs, positively impacting nearly 2M children and young people facing homelessness, rootlessness and lack of safety. We focus on the most impacted populations, especially those who've been forced to migrate as well as those impacted by natural and man-made disasters.

Stephen Colbert


Comic Relief US, Stephen Colbert and Funny or Die are joining forces for PICKLED, an all-star pickleball tournament that will raise money to support Comic Relief US' work addressing the impact of homelessness on children and families.

On CBS, November 17, 2022 @ 8pm.

About Comic Relief US

Comic Relief US is committed to breaking the cycle of intergenerational poverty. Through the power of entertainment we drive awareness and amplify the voices of the most under-resourced communities.

We have a four-star rating from Charity Navigator reflecting our accountability, transparency, and financial health.